After almost three successful decades as leading experts in medical device development, ITL Group (a G&H company) Managing Director, Tom Cole and Business Development Director, Greg Smith have stepped down from the Board of Directors.

As part of a wider succession plan, ITL has appointed Nick Colyer as Managing Director and Stephen Hope as Business Development Director. Cole and Smith have worked closely with Nick and Steve during the transition to support them in their new executive roles.

The pair have dedicated years to the health technology sector and have now officially concluded their time at with the Group.

Cole and Smith have been instrumental in shaping the growth and direction of the company as it has expanded its operations in Europe, North America and Asia. They leave ITL in a strong position following an exceptional year. The company has experienced increased manufacturing demand during the COVID-19 pandemic and has adopted a company-wide effort to ensure production of critical instruments continues.

Tom Cole, Managing Director, commented: “When I joined the company in 1992, our initial goal was to grow our customer base, which together as a team we have achieved. Since then, I’ve been proud to expand the Group’s operations into the US and China.”

Greg Smith, Business Development Director, said: “The company culture was very different when I started but together with Tom, we have made it more people-orientated, which is now one of its biggest strengths. In my experience, leadership is like steering a ship – ensuring there are no big changes, looking at the weather and making sure your crew is happy.”

Nick Colyer, Tom’s successor as Managing Director, added: “I want to say thank you to Tom and Greg for their leadership during my 12 years at ITL. They have set solid foundations for Steve and I to takeover and have left the company in a great position to continue market growth and the development of its employees.”