Russell Finex provides exceptional after sales support by refurbishing a worn Finex 22” sieve.

Finex 22″ machines are used throughout the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Ceramics, Additive Manufacturing & Coatings industries. While Russell Finex machines are built for longevity, the group’s after sales support is always ready to ensure equipment is maintained for maximum performance.

Recently, the service team went above and beyond during a visit to a leading label manufacturer in Scotland. Noticing two 30-year-old Finex 22” machines, the team sent them back to headquarters for a thorough inspection and health report, taking only a week to complete.

When the machine was returned, the customer was pleasantly surprised to find a brand-new refurbished machine after mistakenly thinking they were sent a brand new replacement. Extremely satisfied with the results, they happily sent their second Finex 22” to be refurbished and is expected to be delivered back to them this month.

While wear and tear is normal for industrial equipment, refurbishment offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to buying brand equipment replacements while maximizing on investment returns. In addition to high-quality refurbishments, Russell Finex also offers a range of after sales support including remeshing, servicing and upgrade options.

For over 85 years, Russell Finex has manufactured durable and reliable separation equipment with exceptional after-sales support to ensure you can continually meet your production goals.