As birds love roosting in high places on buildings, it is important to think about how this could affect your business if you have a large facility.

ICE Cleaning, a specialist cleaning company, are a provider of bird netting solutions throughout the UK. There are strict laws governing the protection of birds nationally and how they are managed, which is why humane methods such as bird netting are often used.

Their skilled technicians can operate at a time suitable to you to help reduce any disruption to business operations. What’s more, ICE Cleaning use the latest industry equipment and treatments in their services.

Below they explore how professional bird netting can be beneficial for manufacturing facilities.

Humane and long lasting

One of the biggest benefits of bird netting is that it is humane and will cause no harm to come to birds – it simply acts as a deterrent to them to build their home elsewhere.

Not only this, but once you have invested in netting, it can be very long lasting. This makes it an affordable solution for manufacturers who wish to keep their facilities free from birds.

The versality of the solution makes it beneficial for business owners, and allows them to conduct their business without having to worry about birds nesting.

All of the methods our technicians use when installing netting are non-abrasive, meaning that no further harm is caused to surfaces. So, you can be assured that no damage will come to your building from our work.

Avoiding business disruption

If large amounts of birds begin nesting in your premises, this could start to become a problem. Bird netting can help you avoid downtime that might have occurred should you have been affected by roosting.

Reducing disruptions to operations also means that you are more likely to achieve your workplace goals and reach your targeted output.

Professional bird control specialists will tailor the netting to your individual requirements and the structure of your building so that it will work effectively at preventing this issue. Their knowledge and skills allow them to access hard-to-reach areas and recommend what netting is best for you.

Health of workers

Birds can carry a number of health risks which are able to spread to humans through things like saliva and their droppings.

If they are deterred from roosting on your building through bird netting, then the chances of your staff being exposed to these risks is lessened.

Protecting staff is a core part of a job for any manufacturing manager, so any measurements that can be put in place to help safeguard this are worth considering.

Our technicians wear personal protective equipment wherever necessary during the job, as well as following strict safety practices.

Take a look at ICE Cleaning’s website for more information about the services and solutions they provide.