Blackburn-based Northern Industrial has reported its best financial year ever, with turnover 20% up on the previous year.

The company experienced a slight dip when Covid-19 hit, but has rallied due, it believes, to good infrastructure, a shift towards the Americas supported by new operations in Mexico, the launch of a major new service line in SparesVault™ and growth-focused campaigns such as Sell to Us.

Exporting industrial spare parts and repair services to 146 countries from its Blackburn facilities, where it holds approximately £10m in stock covering over 200,000 part numbers, sourced from over 1,350 manufacturers, Northern Industrial helped over 4,000 companies keep up and running last year.

The company’s Mexico City facility opened in December 2020 is its first overseas operation, aimed at servicing the whole of the Americas with a team that speaks both Spanish and English based in the same time zone as large parts of the USA and other major South American economies.

Launched in November 2020, SparesVault™ aims at safeguarding manufacturing businesses from downtime during obsolete equipment breakdowns by offering guaranteed access to a bespoke automation spare parts inventory to balance the cost of holding obsolete and end-of-life spares against the threat of machinery downtime.

The Sell to Us campaign sees Northern Industrial more actively reaching out to manufacturers with end-of-life machinery and offering to buy it to save it from materials recycling. The success of the campaign has helped Northern Industrial increase its stock of reconditioned parts and machinery, which are then sold under warranty across the world.

Northern Industrial managing director David Lenehan said: “We are extremely pleased to report our latest financial results, especially within the context of recent global events.

“We cannot attribute our success, like some companies, to any specific Covid-related pivot and no new markets have opened up to us due to the pandemic as they have for some companies.

“What we can say, is that we believe our growth is testimony to having developed a really strong infrastructure, with the development of our sales team, headed by our Head of Sales Michelle Moore appointed at the end of 2019, having played a big role. Our move towards the Americas as a new market could possibly be seen as a post-Brexit move, but is actually more of a normal progression in our growth as we seek to service global markets more efficiently.

“SparesVault™ has also proved a game-changer and we believe it’s something that could transform factory management globally to provide a more stable output for many manufacturers due to the decreased impact of production downtimes.

“Our Sell to Us campaign also fits well with the new circular economy agenda, with many realising the value of keeping all forms of machinery in service for as long as possible rather than sending it to the crusher simply to extract precious metals and plastics for material recycling.”