The Silverson Machines product line includes a comprehensive range of mixers from Laboratory scale mixers for amounts as small as 1ml up to full scale product mixers capable of handling batches of up to 30,000 litres. Many of the machines in the product line can be supplied in hygienic and “Ultra-hygienic” specifications.

Silverson ‘standard’ mixers offer a high level of hygienic construction and for more advanced requirements, Silverson has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of a new generation of “Ultra Hygienic” mixing equipment specifically aimed at stringent applications.

This range of Ultra Hygienic mixers is 3A tpv Certified and designed to comply with FDA and cGMP requirements; some models are also EHEDG Certified.  They are ideally suited for industries where cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilising-in-place (SIP) procedures are the norm. Not only do these include the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, but also more diverse applications where modern manufacturing techniques and maximum equipment utilisation require a rapid changeover from one product to another.

Two of Silverson’s recently launched laboratory scale models are also available in an Ultra Hygienic specification – the FMX5 UHS and the Verso UHS.

The FMX5 is a laboratory scale version of Silverson’s production scale Flashmix mixers and provides a simple and effective means of powder/liquid mixing on a smaller scale. It is suitable for small scale manufacturing and R&D work with a typical batch size of up to 10 litres, depending on viscosity. The FMX5 UHS, the Ultra Hygienic version of the FMX5, is recommended for hygienic applications and clean industries and offers single or double mechanical sealing arrangements.

The Verso UHS is an Ultra-Hygienic version of the standard Verso laboratory scale In-Line mixer and is suitable for stringent applications. As all Silverson mixers are built to the same fine tolerances, this mixer is able to give an accurate forecast of the performance of the production scale UHS In-Line mixer, making scale up an easy process.

For larger scale Ultra Hygienic mixing requirements, Silverson UHS In-Line mixers are ideal. These mixers offer further versatility with multistage rotor/stator configurations as standard options, resulting in substantially faster mixing times by reducing the number of recirculation passes required and offering greater particle size reduction. These mixers have a crevice-free construction, Ultra Hygienic shaft sealings and are constructed from materials on the FDA master list. They are also certified by both 3A and EHEDG.

For in-tank Ultra Hygienic mixing requirements, Silverson has advanced their line of Bottom Entry mixers to offer an Ultra Hygienic unit incorporating several options, including minimised number of product contact parts, crevice-free construction, electro-polished finish and special hygienic shaft seals.

There are other mixers in the Silverson product range which are suitable for applications in the Pharmaceutical industry which require the processing of sterile ingredients. The Sealed Unit Laboratory Mixer is designed for working on sterile materials where it is essential to exclude airborne contamination. These models have a capacity is from 1ml up to 5 litres and special assemblies are available for working under vacuum.

With more than 70 years’ experience supplying pharmaceutical companies from the global leaders to small highly specialised companies, Silverson has an unrivalled knowledge and experience in a wide range of applications in the Pharmaceutical industry from manufacture of vaccines and tablet coatings to the production of Ophthalmic contact lens solutions and stable emulsions for pharmaceutical creams and ointments. Silverson also have the flexibility and capability to custom build equipment where required to meet customers exact mixing requirements, so you are sure to find the right mixer for your hygienic application.

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