H&S (Health & Safety) is a drain on resources. It hinders sales and production and prevents efficiency increasing sales and profit. It adds to costs especially if you are prosecuted by the HSE (criminal offence), fail regulatory inspections or if someone makes a claim. In the last 6 years damages had to be paid out on over 1.1 million employer and public liability claims. That has cost British business £ Billions.

However many businesses are complacent about liability damages and leave them to be covered by insurance (mandatory for employee cover). They consider increasing premiums just a necessary but unavoidable cost, except by changing insurer.

Does your business keep a record of the good news about H&S or just the bad news in the incident book?

H&S law reverses the normal “Innocent until proven guilty”, the Law Reform (Contributory Negligence) Act 1945 requires the defending business to supply evidence that proves the extent of the victim’s contributory actions, and the Sentencing Council Guideline 2016 provides mitigating conditions which need evidence demonstrating that your safety systems are effective in preventing hazards becoming incidents. in other words general risk assessments, staff training and a clean accident book are not enough.


Don’t be complacent and rely on insurance (compulsory for employee cover). Stop the NWNF (No Win No Fee) law teams the moment they send in a claim.

The good news is that it’s easy and quick to collect the evidence and the good news continues with the reports it can provide about specific situations and the overall analysis of the way your business is hazard aware, assess each occasion and takes prevent action which supports a clean accident book.



Its cost effective to win at H&S
Its great to beat the NWNF lawyers
Its cheap, quick and easy to do.