Heat and power systems specialist NerG has been commissioned to deliver a 1.5 MW combined heat and power (CHP) system to Naylor Drainage Ltd, a leading British manufacturer of construction products. The system has been designed to provide the majority of electricity to its Cawthorne site near Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and deliver significant savings on the company’s energy costs, with a return on investment of under two years.

With energy costs rising, Naylor Drainage, a leading supplier of plastic and clay drainage systems, was looking for ways to both save money and increase the reliability of supply. To that end, it has engaged NerG to specify and deliver a CHP system that will allow it to generate its own electricity on-site using natural gas, which is significantly cheaper.

“The system for Naylor will comprise of a containerised 1.5 MW CHP unit and 2,000 kVA transformer,” explains Luke Worrall, business development manager at NerG. “This unit will deliver over 9.6 GWh of electricity, offsetting over 86 per cent of the grid-supplied electricity it currently uses on its site.”

On average, businesses that generate their own electricity in this way can expect to save between 30 and 40 per cent on their electricity bills.

“For Naylor, these savings are even greater,” continued Worrall. “When we started specifying the system, we knew savings would be higher than normal for Naylor due to its relatively low gas cost and constant high electrical loads. As a result, Naylor can now expect an annual saving of about 46 per cent compared with what it previously paid by generating its own electricity using a CHP system. The project will also enable Naylor to utilise the waste heat from the CHP system in on-site processes which will reduce its carbon footprint.”

Naylor’s joint managing director, Richard Edwards stated, “we are always looking for efficiency improvements and CHP systems offer significant cost reductions, security of supply and a contribution towards our goal of net zero carbon emissions.”

“NerG can provide maintenance packages which guarantee operation for up to 15 years, and with a return on investment of less than two years, Naylor can expect to see a substantial saving over time for its electricity supply,” added Worrall.

For businesses that spend over £10,000 per month on their electricity, the significant cost savings and added energy security benefits mean that CHP systems offer businesses the chance to revolutionise how they meet their energy demands.