Thermal imaging cameras are becoming more intelligent and intuitive, allowing professionals across many industries to use thermal in a more efficient and safe manner. However, operator skill is still required to understand the science of thermography, how to operate related equipment and the scope of the applications to accurately interpret findings. 

The FLIR Infrared Training Center Category 1 course is the ideal place to start. This four-day course prepares the operator for qualification as a Category 1 certified thermographer, with a planned process of learning about the basics of infrared, how to operate the camera under different conditions and for various purposes. Most importantly, they are guided on how to make judgements in the field and identify potential error sources.  

ITC Category 1 courses will be held at any of the following locations in the UK from April through December 2020. Please go to to register.  

Start date                                          Location            

Mon 27 April                               Fareham

Mon 11 May                                Stockton-on-Tees

Mon 18 May                                Edinburgh

Mon 8 June                                Cardiff

Mon 22 June                              Lymm, Cheshire

Mon 13 July                               West Malling, Kent

Tues 8 September                     Watford

Mon 21 September                    Nottingham

Mon 5 October                           Lymm, Cheshire

Mon 2 November                       Stockton-on-Tees

Mon 16 November                     Cardiff

Mon 30 November                     Edinburgh

Mon 7 December                       West Malling, Kent

Those who wish to take the corresponding British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) certification exam, to prove their Category 1 status, can do so on completion of the course; FLIR ITC is an authorised BINDT training organisation.

FLIR ITC is also running a one-day introductory course at Watford on Wednesday 22nd April.  This course provides an ideal grounding for those considering investment in thermal imaging.